Impassioned sex: what do you want during the time that you have

10 minutes or 2 days? No matter how much time you have, you can always get what you want.

10 minutes

Sexologists say that fast sex can deliver realImpassioned sex, which you want for during the time that you have. pleasure to partners. Nevertheless, most women, in order to get aroused, need about twenty minutes of preliminary games. So, we can not completely exclude pre-petting, even during fast sex.

Try this scenario: while he finishes packing his clothes, masturbate. Describe to the partner what to do, in all of the details. When you feel that you are excited, you can start “real” sex. Ask him during penetration to take part in stimulation of the clitoris. In this case, both stimulation and penetration should be gentle to supplement pleasant sensations from suddenness and intensity – characteristics of fast sex. If you do not have the mood for full sex, engage in a petting. Rub on the partner through his or her underwear. He will get new sensations, feeling your movements through the fabric.

1 hour

An hour sounds like an eternity, but you cannot lose a minute. Take the time to wake up your feelings. In this you may use aphrodisiacs, such as lavender and vanilla – they better act on the sexual awakening of both men and women. Use the light of scented candles or squirt a few drops of aromatherapy oil onto the pillows.

Impassioned sex, which you want for during the time that you have.Then devote 20 minutes to kissing. We often miss this very pleasant part of the preliminary caresses and immediately proceed to caress the most obvious erogenous zones. But kisses increase the blood flow to the genitals almost as effectively as Canadian Cialis, and in addition, they add sex romance and charge you with tenderness and unique emotions.

Then take the pose of missionary sex in order to have sex for a longer amount of time. Start as usual, but do not let the partner move; let him rest on your elbows, and you will move. This allows achieving shallow penetration, which means that the partner will receive less pleasure, stay longer in an excited state, and later reach orgasm. And in this position you can additionally stimulate the clitoris (rubbing against his pubic bone), gaining complete control over his orgasm.

5 hours

Do not rush to settle up in the bedroom immediately; instead, create a seductive and magical world. Push the curtains, put the pillows on the floor and decorate your room with candles.

Give freedom to your emotions and feelings, open a bottle of wine and feed each other. Put a bandage on each other’s eyes so that everything that happens is unexpected for you, it will aggravate your tactile, auditory and olfactory sensations. Spread ice cubes over each other. Do genital massage using a self-heating lubricant. Do not try to experiment, and try to give your partner as much gentle preliminary caresses. If you have been together for a long time, you are probably accustomed to sleeping in the same bed and seeing each other naked. Today, take the time to undress each other, not bypassing any erogenous zone. This is a good way to improve sexual relations.

24 hours

To create a sexually intense atmosphere, start with cushions. Play, fight or tickle each other. All of this excites in earnest, but do not forget to kiss each other. Such games raise the level of testosterone, increase the volume of circulating blood (make the vagina more sensitive) and improve blood circulation (increase orgasm). When you are heated and exhausted, go to long preliminary caresses. When your patience comes to an end, try a new pose, using Cialis 20mg. You will have a lot of time to practice and get it right.

48 hours

There is a chance to be capricious. For once in her life, a woman should shave a pubis. Then the genital area becomes very sensitive, and besides that, it will get your partner excited. You will be able to see what he is doing, and his tongue and lips can slide smoothly over the clitoris and labia. You can use a depilatory cream or shave off the hair with a machine tool at a partner, or you can even entrust this responsibility to him, your partner.

Do not use leather suits and whips. It is better to pretend to be heroes from your favorite romantic film and play a candid scene or create these characters yourself: name them, decide what they wear, and what they like to do in bed. Many couples believe that if you just put the brushes on your nipples, sex will be different, but you need to get into the role and then you can talk and do things that you cannot do in everyday life. And for long-lasting sex, get a free Cialis coupon to reveal the partner’s hopes.

Try to change your usual behavior of parents who are afraid of the sudden return of children. Then from caring mom and dad, you turn into passionate lovers. In the first nights try to have time to do everything that was not solved when the children were at home. Tell each other where and how you want to be caressed, engage in oral sex, and mutual masturbation. And on the second night, arrange an enchanting show. It should be unforgettable. These days, spent in the joint study of every millimeter of your bodies and the discovery of new erogenous zones, will make the final night deliciously long.