I am going to take Viagra in about couple of hours can you tell me whether it is possible to eat food with it or not?
If you are going to take Viagra and not Cialis then you can eat with it but still, it will be better for you to avoid incredibly fatty foods and apart from that, please stay away from alcohol and tobacco. When you are eating a lot of greasy food there is a high chance that your body is going to diversify the very fatty meals you have eaten and therefore you will experience a certain delay in erection.

How soon will an erection happen after Cialis, I am going to have sex in the middle of the day with my girlfriend. Can I take it right after breakfast?
You can easily take Cialis right after breakfast. It will take about two hours for it to work. Some men who have certain kinds of ED have reported that Cialis works better in a timeframe of more than two hours. What can be better than having a great erection after you had failed so many times?
We want you to keep in mind the fact that an erection will not happen if you are not careful while taking Cialis or Viagra. Please remember that an erection will not happen if you have certain kinds of health conditions and apart from that, you ought to be incredibly careful while taking Cialis every time you are going to drink alcohol, vodka, or even a wine. Try to be careful and never mix these drugs with others.

Can I mix Cialis and Viagra and take them both at the same time? I want to make sure that erection will happen.
No, you simply can not mix Cialis and Viagra; that is why we want you to remember that both of these erection boosters will work dreadfully when mixed together. We advise you to stay away from alcohol and never take either of these drugs and alcohol at the same time.
In order for you to have sex, remember that there is a high chance that both of these drugs will bring you a very strong erection separately. But when you think that your health is great, you do not have any high sugar level, and you have no other issues, it is better to have a check-up or physical before you start taking Viagra or Cialis. The doctor will be able to prescribe the best option between the two as well as the most appropriate dose for you and your body.

I have taken Viagra recently but I was extremely disappointed to find out that it did not work for me at all. Can you tell me what might have been the problem; Was it because I took a very small dose or did it happen due to my certain health conditions?
As we can assume, it probably happened because you mixed Viagra with food or maybe you have a certain kind of heart condition. Please talk to your personal doctor and ask him whether or not you are able to continue consuming dosages of Cialis or Viagra. By the way, you ought to know that various men cannot get an erection right away from these medications. It simply means that you ought to try one more time before an erection will finally occur in your body. Usually, people try Viagra for about eight times before they presume that changing to Cialis or Sildenafil is a great idea. Usually, no one doubts the power of the drug because it has helped thousands of men all over the country.

Is it reasonable to take Viagra if my wife knows about my ED already?
By all means, it is a reasonable decision because this way you will be able to surprise your wife with a remarkable erection and she will not have to worry about your sex drive at all. Remember that an erection is going to occur after your brain, or to be precise your nervous system, tracks your blood to your male genitalia. When you see how easy it is to maintain an erection, then you will be able to perform in the bedroom on a good level.