How to bring back the strongest erection that you ever had with Viagra or Cialis!

cialis vs viagraWho knew that ED would become such an awful issue that has ruined so many people’s sex lives. The main reason why it is so devastating it is because plenty of men give up on their sex life too fast. Actually, this is not a right decision at all. Remember that Cialis vs Viagra is a very tender issue, you may find out that both of these drugs can actually help you get your erection back in no time. In case you are wondering which drug – Cialis or Viagra – is better then you have to remember that both of these pills are meant to bring blood right to your genitals; that is why an erection happens very soon, usually in an hour, after Viagra or Cialis gets into your system and is digested properly. Viagra vs Cialis is actually a tough choice because of the fact that both of these drugs have helped so many men all over the globe. Remember that Viagra or Cialis is a very difficult choice but still you will have your doctor by your side in order to make sure which drug is better for you.

Cialis versus Viagra how to make sure that it will aid you?

The very first thing that you ought to remember is that there are certain mental and health conditions under which you simply can not take Cialis or Viagra.

cialis versus viagra– When you are aware of the fact that you have certain kind of heart conditions, for instance, if your arteries are not functioning properly and therefore your blood does not circulate the way you want it to then you have to start living a healthy life. After you go on a diet, and start exercising as often as you can, you will be able to observe that erectile dysfunction does not bother you anymore. If you do take Cialis or Viagra, an erection will happen very easily only when you will take the drugs on the empty stomach.
– Liver pains and diseases of a similar kind. Remember that if you have this kind of issue with your health, then you are not supposed to take Viagra or Cialis at all.
– Vision disorder is another health condition under which you are not supposed to take Cialis vs Viagra.
– An ulcer is also considered to be a very severe disease. If you have been diagnosed with an ulcer but you want to cure ED, then you have to go to the doctor and asked him which erectile treating drug – Cialis vs Viagra – you have to take.

Cialis vs Viagra what to choose in order to treat my ED!

In order for us to get to who wins the battle of Cialis Vs Viagra, then we have to regard each drug for treating erectile dysfunction separately.

Cialis – Honestly regarding the fight, Cialis vs Viagra we can say that Cialis works longer, giving you an opportunity to get an erection any time throughout the course of 36 consecutive hours. But Cialis has one weakness: it usually takes about 2 hours for Cialis to start working in your body and give you an erection for good. Actually, Cialis was first for sale in 2003. When you put Cialis into your system, you will be able to observe that all your muscles are totally relaxed and your blood will flow directly to your penis and cause a great erection for sure. Remember that there is no chance that an erection will go away until you are properly finished.
viagra or cialisUsually, Cialis pills regarding Cialis vs Viagra are orange and they can be taken in the following dosages: 5 mg, 10 mg or the biggest dose is 20 mg.

– When we will consider Cialis vs Viagra, we will be able to observe that Viagra only stays in your system for about 8 hours or so, therefore you can see that Viagra brings you arousal very quickly, in about 30 minutes or so, while Cialis, on the contrary, will go into effect in about 2 hours or maybe even longer when you have eaten a full supper or lunch recently. By the way, try to eat healthy in order to escape obesity. In comparison to Cialis, Viagra is widely known among men and the reason for this is usually because this particular drug was introduced to the public earlier than Cialis was. The exact date is considered to be in 1998. This year was the exact time when it was possible to get these pills and totally forget about erectile dysfunction. It is widely-known that Viagra consists mainly of Sildenafil. This particular ingredient enables you to relax all your muscles for good, therefore, an erection will be great and stable. Regarding the minimum amount of pills, you can see that it is possible to buy Viagra in 25 mg, 50 mg and the biggest amount of Viagra pills is 100 mg tablet. This particular amount is usually suitable only for those men who do not have any kind of heart conditions. You ought to remember that no matter how healthy you think you are it will be still better to talk to your doctor about consuming this particular drug.

Regarding my severe impotency: Is Viagra or Cialis going to help me quicker?

If this is the question on your lips then you ought to remember that the possible treatment of ED and the total result is completely individualistic and a 100% unique reaction will be visible. When you are taking in both of these pills for sexual enhancement then it is remarkably important for you to keep in mind that greasy food cannot be taken along with Cialis or Viagra. Try to be extremely careful because you can not even imagine how much you can damage your health while being careless when combining these kinds of drugs – either Viagra or Cialis – with alcohol. And this includes beer and wine. Foods that are very heavy on your stomach are not appropriate to mix with this sexual booster drug, either. These foods can include french fries and fish and chips.
There are actually two important issues that you have to pay attention to in order to make sure that taking Viagra or Cialis all your needs are met. Please try to choose between these two drugs regarding the fact of how quickly they work in your body. Do you want it to work in a short amount of time, and last for longer or on the contrary?

Both of these drugs are not only supposed to treat any kind of erectile dysfunction but also it is possible to take this medication in order to cure pulmonary heart disease and various chest pains.
Remember that side effects after taking Cialis vs Viagra will likely occur when you are also drinking alcohol. Additionally, never ingest this drug in combination with other drugs.